Thursday, June 14, 2018

Seven Magic Mountains.

Since the car was already filthy from going up to camp, we decided that going out to see the magic was a great idea.  And it was. 

It wasn't too bad of a drive.  I was surprised that we couldn't see them farther out.


At least three people are going to have to edit us out of their photo shoots.  Mostly Asian photo shoots.... 

If Liv was standing, Mills would stand. 

If Liv sat down, Mills sat down. 

Jump pictures. 


Teaching bad things. 

Wind blown modeling.  ha. 

Camilla just tried to fix the sign on the way out.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hope of Israel.

We had an early dinner on Sunday so we could watch President and Sister Nelson's broadcast.  
We all ate graham crackers and frosting and relaxed.  

She is now able to reach above the window to wave goodbye.  


The jetta got to be polished.  

We didn't take enough before and after pictures but it looked pretty good. 

While the boys polished the girls drew outside. 

and hopscotched away. 

and Patchi cooked us an amazing Brazilian bbq dinner!

Practicing their cheek to cheek.  

Camilla was not afraid to dig in. It was delicious!!!

After we all waxed the car....

and then got to our hopscotching.  

We have big feet so we needed it large. ha.

Good thing Patchi knows the right way to play.  

Liv's six is like Ramona's Q. Minus the ears. 

"I want to come buy your car. Can I come look at it?"
"Only at Sunset...."


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