Friday, June 23, 2017

Temple Treats.

While we were at the temple Grandma and Alivia made a delicious pudding treat with "crumbies" (ha) and a yummy crust. 
Step by Step directions. 


It was delicious and quickly gone.  Liv thinks the dishes are the cutest little things.  Me too. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Table.

Grandma bought this "table" for Alivia when she was a bit older than Camilla.  But since Milla is standing up on every thing it was time to get it out. 

Liv remembered how fun it was too. 

Then all of a sudden...

Liv got trapped.  


It was Grandpa Great's 81st birthday.  
so that means pie! and the apple crumble still beats the rhubarb... even with a crumble on top. 
If you would have told me that last year I would have fallen over in my chair.  

The crew.

Camilla had no smiles for anyone. 

We sure love our Grandpa Great.

Fly, Milla, Fly!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

If You Want It....

I've always been a Rascall Flatts fan- they could even get credit for bringing me into the country world with Mayberry.  Their new song "Yours If You Want It" is not my absolute favorite one but I have to listen to it because it makes me smirk.  At the beginning of my last semester Chad said this exact phrase and gave me a week to think about it.  

we were in the car the other day and it came on.  Chad turned to Liv (i had not previously mentioned it) and said "I said this to Mom one time and she told me no."  

and now I love it even more.  

Can I Help?

Alivia has been wanting to help cook.  She cuts and stirs and enjoys it. 
Camilla wants to be where the action is and can get there too. 

It's Hot Outside.

my car has said 119 degrees hot.  
the car usually says it's a little hotter than it usually is.  

liv is prepared though.  glasses. water. leotard.


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