Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Almost 5.

  Our "Heaven" born baby will be five in the morning.  
I can't believe it. 

The sock baby. 

Baby's first outing.  We knew if she got sick Chad would kill us.   
She still sleeps with this blanket. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


We got the keys for our rental on the 20th.  We decided to stay for Christmas and the move the rest over.  So Liv got a lot of practice riding her bike in the living room. 

In between meals. 

and so did Logan...

We also used this box as a table for a few days.... 

Moving is fun..............

The Annual McIntire Christmas Party.

This year we had our party after Christmas.  We had some delicious Chinese food and had some great poppers.  Camilla even kept on her crown for a bit. 

Sister McIntire always has the best and cutest games.  

"YAY Livy!"

Logan and I played this game for FOREVER... because we couldn't win.  It didn't last so long against Liv. 

Liv became the reindeer. 

This doesn't even document the most fun presents- they always find the coolest things. 

Christmas Afternoon.

On Christmas afternoon we always go over to Grandpa Great's and play.  
First we traditionally take pictures....

Twinsie smiles.  

Resting later. 

Mills in the high chair that Grandpa used. 

She thought Grandpa's new washing machine was great. 

We had a wonderful dinner and some beat at cards.

Christmas Part 2.

By the time we got to the Webbs everyone was even up! 
So we opened presents over there and Camilla thought she was big stuff. 

Mr. Bucket was a hit.  We chased him all around the kitchen.

Christmas Morning.

Santa Came!

and Camilla knew right where to look. 

Camilla had some sort of food in her mouth the whole time.  She didn't care too much about presents.... but the treats... YES!

and Alivia didn't mind opening everyone's presents.  

Moved on to cinnamon rolls. 

We hadn't decided who would bring her bike... we didn't put it out until the morning and Liv decided herself that Santa brought it for her.  She was VERY excited. 

Liv kept putting Camilla's presents on her lap... not to interrupt her breakfast. 

Liv was the cutest showing Mills everything and being so happy for her.  

The mermaid blanket...

Ready to ride...

except Santa didn't put the bike together.... It's way more fun that way anyway. 
Camilla was helpful...

Once it was setup she rode around in the living room..

Mills helped her go faster. 


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