Wednesday, December 6, 2017

While Camilla Took Pictures....

Liv was a smile maker... along with Cody... and then Liv needed her own pictures. 
Taking pictures of a walking crazy baby takes a lot of people... 

You Push Me...

I'll push you...

Oh Mills...


Unc Cody.

The girls LOVE Uncle Cody.  Camilla sometimes gets confused when she sees him in something other than his giraffe shirt... but with a "HEEEEY!" she figures it out.  

Monday, December 4, 2017

Going Back...

to our trip.  After going to the temple open house we made our way to St. George.  Two summers ago we played for an entire afternoon with the Braniff's' at this splash pad.  It is so much fun and pretty in downtown St. George... and it just happened to be warm enough to play in.

They are doing construction on the tabernacle... (behind her)

Camilla lost her dress after falling and crawling around in the water.....

and she thought it was great!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Just Like Riding a Bike....

sort of....
the Mills has an adventuring personality.  
a bit different from her sister.

all types of riding...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

11 months

I realized that I did a bad job on what Camilla could do at 10 months (meaning really what happened during month 9) because i didn't write it down... So then a few days after I wrote it I realized I didn't write these things down... so.... this one backtracks a bit.... sorry. 

Camilla got a bottom tooth on the eve of 10 months... and then got another a few days later in the tenth month.  We never would have guess minus one restless night and then she magically had a tooth.  She likes to take off her amber necklace and is very good at doing so - so she doesn't wear it too often.  Mostly because she thinks its funny.  

Mills has been standing and taking up to four steps since she was 9 months old.  Then the first Sunday of 10 months she watched baby Ira walking and walking around the foyer... and then she understood the greatness of walking and was off.  Since her really walking she hans't had a problem standing up in the middle of the floor or wherever she wants too. She is fast. 

She also enjoys climbing on whatever she can.  She loves to climb on the play table at grandma webb's.  She's very good at going up stairs.  She also knows that she needs to go backwards down off of the couch and also can get off our taller bed just fine.  

She's a little waver.  She waves good bye and hello to everyone... If you say "say good bye to daddy" she will start waving and look at him....also works with other family members also for hello.  It's pretty sweet.  It started as a slow opening and closing her hands but has gotten much faster and higher up.  

She is getting to be a better listener but started the month not listening to anything.  She plays a little more and will listen maybe half the time- the other half will look at you, smirk, and then book it the other way.  She is getting fast enough to not be able to catch her easily.  

Camilla loves to be outside.  Anyone walking out the door she tries to get them to take her.  She loves playing outside or even just being held outside.  At church if the other ward is leaving she tries to blend in and make a break for it.  

Millsy is just busy, busy, busy.  

One of our favorite things is her playing on the phone.  She will hold up her hand and "huh?" in a tone noting hello.  It's pretty cute.   Then she will talk to us... and if we are on the phone it goes up that much more.  Sometimes she pretends to FaceTime too holding the phone in front of her.  HA!

She loves the bath still.  She will take the body wash and pretend to get some out and then wash her body.  

Mills is also really good at plugging in my hair dryer... and now it has to be kept up above......

Jen and Brandon have a tiny little dog Gracie.... Alivia is afraid of it.  And so Jen is kind and always puts her in her cage when we are there.  So Gracie came out and Camilla tried to grab her- like she does with dogs.  Liv was afraid so they put her up... and Camilla went right over to the crate and was talking and trying to pet her.  Funny how personalities are so different.  Camilla loves all the dogs she sees and tries to get their tails.  

While Liv is in gymnastics there is a ballet class going on by the waiting area.  Camilla wants in there- she will stand right at the door (which is open) and won't go in... as time goes on she takes steps closer... and then falls.... which means that she could crawl in without getting caught... or not. 

The Mills loves her sister.  She loves playing with her (even if Liv takes the small toys or has stipulations)  but she wants to be close and loves when she talks with her.  She still shirks aways when she gives her hugs and kisses... but it's mostly a game.  

We have pulled out some of Liv's baby dolls and Camilla is all over them.  She gives them hugs and kisses and talks with them.  She's a good protector.  

Camilla is too busy to cuddle most of the time... but when she cuddles she is so sweet.  As she gets deeper into sleep she spreads out and doesn't want to be cuddled.  But for the time she does it's the best.  

In her bed we have a soft blanket.  It starts out folded nicely and she messes it up.  She likes having the muslim blankets with her and doesn't have to have a certain bink.  

The Mills is a funny girl.  We are loving chasing her around and getting her to laugh.  She's a pretty thing and her hair is getting long.  She's sweet and calm but can throw some sass.  We sure love you baby girl!

Once she was through the gate she just took off... in Camilla style.

Got a little windy towards the end... 


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