Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Four and a Half.

Alivia Brooke.
 I can't believe it.  

Give Me That.

I opened a banana and walked a way and Camilla started whining.  
She was ready for it!
She ate and ate.... and loved it.  

Monday, August 14, 2017

If I Only Know This...

I've unfollowed a lot of friends on Facebook previously because of their complaining and bickering... because frankly I don't care.  That's not what I want to see and why get worked up with the rest of them.  Today for some reason some of it found it's way through to me.  It's so sad.  I understand we live in a depressing world- but are we really going to be able to sway someone's opinion from belittling and contention.

But it didn't matter.  Liv and I were listening to a song earlier that they are singing for the primary program and then this came on.  And I know this to be true.  and that's what matters.  
I have always loved Joseph and Emma.  It doesn't eclipse the whole of what I believe.  
But it's a big part. 

after this one came this... (166th conference)

I know I was old enough that I should remember conference in the tabernacle (i remember Ben B. coming and telling about the pulpit) but I don't really.  It was fun to see everyone (is that Cook in the beginning-ish) and their wives.... just fun.  


you were looking for a comparison. 

Some of my old activity day girls on Sunday told me Camilla looks just like Alivia!
if you were wondering.... probably not the best pictures to show.  but it's the same outfit and same headband... same carpet... same white awful background... :)



8 Months Milla.

Eight months.
It has flown by and Miss Camilla thinks she's big stuff. 

Camilla stands up against everything and will walk around holding onto things.  She likes to push little chairs around during church and catches her balance quite well.  She thinks it is hilarious to crawl quickly from one side of the couch all the way around to the other end (U).  She giggles and giggles the whole way.  If she wants something she is fast.  If she needs to go fast she has her knees up (which is pretty much all the time) except when she is tired and she will switch off both sides.  When she needs to go fast she makes a little more noise.  

She also thinks it's super funny when you get down and crawl with her.  It can can get you some of the best gut giggles she's got.  Camilla can also go up stairs quite well and a few times has climbed up the step and stood up.  She just wants to be a part of the action.  

Milla loves Liv.  She wants to be close and by her- until Liv wants to hug her or hold her.. then she is ready to be away.  Every night Liv tries to give camilla a hug and she pushes her away.  Then she tries to give her a kiss and she allows it but makes a cute little grimace face.  We thinks its pretty funny.  

The last two weeks Camilla has figured out that food is good.  She chews down cantaloupe and watermelon, loves popcorn (logan style- bitten) She loves puffs, bananas, a mix with plum, and another with squash and spinach and apple.  She also is good with sippy cups.  regular cups.  She also enjoys ice cream and cake.  ;) 

If the water in the bath starts running  she comes hauling from where ever she is.  I can't take a shower in the morning without her waking up.... she loves splashing and playing with the water as it comes out of the faucet.  

We all started playing hide and seek.  it's almost a little more successful than it is with liv.  ha. She gets the concept and gets excited when we pretend to find her. 

We were reading Cinderella at night... Liv put together the fact that Cinderella's name is Ella.  So... she nicknamed Camilla- Cindermilla. and was very proud.  

Milla is the happiest little thing.  The biggest mama's girl you ever saw.  Wants to be big and cries big tears when she gives tears.  Her hair is coming in more and still no sign of teeth.  She will stand unassisted for a good amount of seconds when she wants to.  We sure love our Milla mills. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

A Lake Birthday.

For Grandpa's birthday we headed to the lake... surprise surprise I know. 
It had poured the night before and was still a little bit cloudy.  I love the lake when it's like this... and even when it sprinkles a little bit.  I didn't Saturday.  But it was still beautiful.  

They were a little far out... not sure that this was a great place to be swimming....

to quote Chad "oh Camilla likes powdered sugar... NO WAY!"

She switched sour cream and onion for classic and bbq.... because we didn't have her favorite green sour cream and onion.

captain mills.

"I gotta pee"... jump in....

boats. boats. boats.

"I will just ride your back... we are really far..."

and then the sun came out...

Moana... make way... make way....

Camilla fell asleep with Grandma. 

"Grandma! Take a picture!"

Grandpa cooling off Camilla. 

Then Daniel tiger came out. 
"Grandma... you aren't very good at riding this.  Cody will come with me!"

Then Cody said he was ready for a tiger ride...
and the boat driver smirked and daniel turned to tony. ;)

he even recovered every time. 



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